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Replace Your Car’s Clutch in 8 Steps

Replacing the clutch is not that complicated as far as you aren’t apprehensive about getting your hands muddy or dirty. Here are the steps that you need to undertake for replacing your car’s clutch.

Step 1 – Place your car in a protected position

Place your car into a secure position then after to lift the car’s front end, use the vehicle’s jack. To support car’s engine, ensure that you place the jack below the oil pan.

Step 2 – Take out the transaxle

To get to the clutch of the car, you need to take out car’s transaxle. Detach the clutch cable and the positive battery cable so that it becomes easier for you to remove the transaxle.

Step 3 – Open the engine mount

Take out the bolts that are holding the engine mount after unhitching the clutch cable and the battery cable. To get the transaxle out you need to undo at least one engine mount. Separate the transaxle from the engine after undoing one of the engine mounts. To perform this, you have to take out the bolts around the flywheel bell housing then tenderly push the transaxle aside from the engine. When you push it for the first time, if the transaxle does not move then push slightly harder until the pressure plate is exhibited.

Step 4 – Take out the clutch & repair the flywheel

Auto Clutch Parts
You need to unscrew the pressure plate and then slide the clutch disc out so that you’re able to remove the damaged clutch. After taking out the clutch, check the flywheel for any signs of deterioration. In case the flywheel has hot spots, you may require removing it entirely and fix all the damages. If the old flywheel is no longer serviceable, you may change the flywheel with a new one. Before you change the flywheel, take out dirt, dust and debris from the crankshaft flange. Prior to reinstalling, ensure that the flywheel is appropriately lubricated.

Step 5 – Change damaged clutch

Once you have changed the flywheel, install the new clutch disc. To perform this, just slide the new clutch disc in position. Replace the transaxle once the new clutch disc is in place.

Step 6 – Reinstalling transaxle

Adjust the transaxle with the clutch disc spindled hole so as to replace the transaxle. Until the input shaft slides into the clutch disc’s spindled hole, softly move the transaxle forward. Change the bolts that you took out earlier once the transaxle is in its place. To stay away from problems ensure to tighten the bolts correctly.

Step 7 – Lower down your vehicle after releasing the jack

Slowly and softly release the jack to lower your car’s front end after you have fastened all the bolts on the engine mount and around the transaxle.

Step 8 – It’s time to test your new clutch

Drive your car around the block a couple of times to ensure that your new auto clutch part is working fine.

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