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The Significance of Air Filter in Car’s Performance

Many of the car owners don’t know much regarding the importance of air filters. What is the precise function of air filter? How does it affect the car’s performance? When should the air filter be replaced? These are all very important questions that a person should ask to take care of his/her car’s health. For car’s performance, air filters are vital and negligence to keep it in good condition can cause setbacks for your car’s long life. Thus, it is crucial to know about the significance of air filters and how they can influence the performance of your car; here are some key indicators that will assist you.

What Is The Main Function Of The Air Filter?

The main function of a car’s air filter is to make sure that huge rubbish like leaves, bugs, dust, debris, and other particles don’t get into the engine’s intricate systems. Primarily, the air filter is like an allergy mask that some people put on to avoid pollen from getting into their systems in the spring season. Likewise, vehicle air filters obstruct bigger matter from entering the engine intake facilitating only the pure air to get through.

Air Filter & Your Car’s Performance

The engine’s air filter requires replacement over the period of time as with any other working part of the vehicle. As filter performs its job, it tends to accumulate a large amount of debris, dust, and other blockages. These can obstruct the airflow required for the car’s engine to run at its optimal level. For instance, when a vacuum’s bag or filter gets fully packed, the motor doesn’t work as efficiently because it does not get 100% air flow – it is the same with your car’s air filter. In the majority of cases, a blocked or dirty air filter might not affect your car’s mileage to the extent of a deflated tyre; however, it can certainly reduce the power of your car’s engine. In case, you continue to drive your car in the same condition, it can cause disaster on other engine parts as your car starts to labour eventually. For example, due to an inappropriate air/fuel ratio, it may cause engine choking and in some instances overheating.

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When to Replace the Air Filter?

As per the recommendation of vehicle experts, you need to replace your car’s air filter every 4500 kilometres. Nonetheless, as with any part replacement suggestion, you actually can’t exactly pin down a date on when to replace your car’s air filter.

The performance of your car’s air filter depends on a lot of factors, which includes:

  • Your driving habits
  • Your car ’s make and model
  • Pollution and smog levels in your region

Therefore, it would be prudent to schedule regular complete car checkups at regular intervals to make certain your car’s air filter is clean and functions optimally.

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