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Original Equipment Car Parts Verses Aftermarket Car Parts

Original Equipment car parts (OE) or genuine car parts are supplied to the market by the carmakers i.e. Holden, Ford, and Toyota etc. It is a common misconception that whilst a new car is still under the manufacturers warranty, warranty may be void if the customer either takes their car to an independent mechanic or service chain, or uses non-OE or non-genuine car parts to service their vehicle. This is not the case. All reputable mechanics or service outlets are members of their states industry association. For example in NSW the association is the Motor Traders Association or commonly known at the MTA. Each state is covered by an industry body representing both the Car dealers’ and independent mechanics who warrant and stand by their work giving the consumer both peace of mind and independent umpire if the consumer has a dispute or complaint. In theory all OE or genuine parts are the same as supplied when a new car is bought.

Aftermarket Car Parts

Aftermarket Auto parts meet or exceed Original Equipment Standards. Often OE parts are made to a price to ensure the overall cost of car is competitive or similar to a rival’s model.

There are generally two types of aftermarket parts. The first being a replacement part which meets or exceeds the genuine alternative. This is a requirement by law. This part will replace the OE or genuine part and do the same job.

The second type of aftermarket part will be an alternative to the genuine part that replaces this part however enhances the performance of the engine, driveline or suspension of the vehicle. This is very common as carmakers strive to reduce the cost of new vehicles and the owner of the new vehicle wishes to upgrade the performance or standard of the car they have purchased. Some of the largest aftermarket parts suppliers often supply parts to the original dealer’s, which the dealers fit prior to the delivery of the new vehicle.

Often the Carmaker will have not only the original part but also their own cheaper alternative that is known as an approved brand. An example of this is General Motors who have their own alternative brand AC Delco. Often the aftermarket part available is made by the same manufacturer as the alternative Genuine Brand.

By purchasing a reputable aftermarket brand the consumer can often save up to 80% off the genuine price, install a better product that also comes with a longer warranty.

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