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Understand the Key Components of Steering

If you care about your care and it’s maintenance you should understand the key components, particularly the steering.

Steering components are vital in maintaining correct steering, Steering components onlinecornering and braking performance. When these components are worn or damaged they can have adverse affects when driving which may include: car pulling left or right when driven in straight line, vibration through the steering wheel and or brake pedal, worn tyres, decreased braking performance and difficulty in cornering.

Steering components should be checked thoroughly during regular service, particularly on 4WD and commercial applications. Many steering components are greaseable, and your vehicles’ service manual will point out the service intervals when these components should be re greased.

Most steering components are quite visible from either the side of the car or from underneath. Most steering components have rubber dust boots to protect any moving part and often the first sign of wear and tear can be seen in the deteriation of these dust covers, either starting to crack, torn or perished completely. Whilst these boots can be replaced quite easily, like a CV Boot, once torn or damaged often the damage is done. Most steering components are not expensive and relatively easy to fit and in these cases should be replaced as soon as viably possible.

Steering Components include Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Rack Ends, Idler Arms, and Pitman Arms etc. All steering components eventually wear and become loose, often resulting in suspension noise. This noise may be more noticeable when hitting bumps or travelling on rough roads. If steering components are left to become excessively loose this may lead to the suspension collapsing which can be very serious. At The first visible signs of wear or suspension noise take action to replace. Preventable maintenance can save you big dollars in the long run!

A wheel alignment is strongly recommended after replacing any steering components

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