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Car Breakdown: 5 Common Reasons

Imagine yourself on a road trip during summer when your car suddenly stops. It is indeed disturbing seeing the ‘check engine’ light flashing during summer getaway. Cars go through immense pressure during summers thus resulting in frequent breakdowns. It is important for you to understand five common reasons for breakdown along with ways to avoid them. Let us have a look at these problems, one by one.

Reason 1: Evaporative Leakage

A rise in outside temperature can cause fuel in your car to turn into vapour. It is vital that you preserve the liquid during summer to avoid such evaporation. For knowledge, the charcoal canister absorbs the vapour of the fuel and keeps it in store until the engine starts. The network in the evaporative system of the engine consists of valves, hoses, and canisters, which together work to manage the evaporative emissions from the car. As per the present requirement, cars are equipped to even detect the 0.02 diameter of leakage. This is the reason ‘check engine’ light flashes on your dashboard. You can blame the loose cap; nonetheless a cracked hose can also be the culprit.

Reason2: Surge

Surge, or engine hesitation, can be caused by many reasons, for instance dirt in the air filter. The surge causes engine to work harder thus causing problems while driving. Your car is vulnerable during excessive heat and humidity. This happens as exhaust gas recirculation is affected during these situations. The work of exhaust gas recirculation is to send back the gas to reduce the emissions. However, during heat there are blockages in the process resulting in trouble. If not repaired on time, you may have to shed a lot of money while repairing. Before any trip, ensure that the filter is clean.

Reason3: Excessive Heating

Overheating is the result of fault in cooling system. You need to make sure that the cooling system of your car is in perfect condition as their work load increases during excessive heat and summers. It is advised that before you hit the road during summer getaways get your car properly checked to avoid any unnecessary halt. Despite that, if your car engine is heated, you can put on the heater and switch off your car’s air condition.

Reason4: Flat Tyre

Every one of us have gone through this; a flat tyre. During summers, due to hot road and the speeding car, tyre goes through pressure and the chances of their quick wear and tear increases. There are few companies who include a system to check the tyre pressure to ensure that the driver is aware about it. It is necessary that you refer to the manual before you start your journey and maintain the air level in tyres. This will avoid any sort of unnecessary halts on the trip.

Reason5: Batteries

Batteries trouble more during summer seasons. It is normal to avoid the plastics that cover the battery but they play a vital role in keeping them cool. Check the battery and its surrounding to make sure that all the plastic things are in their place. In case you find it difficult to start the car, check the battery with the help of battery tester. Another best possible option is to replace the battery in every three years or as recommended in the manual.

Summer trips are memorable. You move out to create beautiful memories that you will cherish for years to come. While you move out with a beautiful dream, you wouldn’t like to be interrupted by any problem. Breakdown of cars is one of such irritating moments of summer holidays. The above mentioned reasons along with solutions will ensure that you have a wonderful summer getaway without any car breakdown.

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