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It’s always a really good idea to get any new or young drivers to become familiar with their first vehicle.  Whether it’s a brand new car or their first run around its really important that they understand the power that their vehicle has and how it works.  Some of the basics any young driver should know are:-

  • Driving the car listen out for the noises the car makes.  If they are slightly older vehicles there will always be little quirks and tricks to keep the vehicle going.
  • Understand and familiarize themselves with every light on the dashboard to understand what to do to keep the car in tip top condition.
  • To know how to change a tyre.
  • To be able to lift the bonnet and identify the key components of the car and to look for familiar issues such as oil and water levels

This all may seem a little intimidating to a young driver but a great way to familiarize them with the auto parts is to look online.  Your new driver will gain confidence in understanding the main components and how they work.  It can also be a great way for the family to spend a bit of time together learning.  Browse and order the parts online and when they arrive and it’s time to change those parts you can do it together.

Browsing car parts online means that the intimidation is taken out of visiting a retailer or a mechanic.  Your young driver can ask any questions online and will enjoy taking on the responsibility of ordering and fitting those simple, regular maintenance parts.

A knowledgeable driver is often a safer driver.

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