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Signs that Your Shock Absorbers need Replacement

Most Australian families are tightening their budgets and holding back on spending on those big luxuries in the current economy.  As a result people are buying less new cars and choosing to keep and maintain their existing cars.

Shock absorbers are essential to your motoring safety. Shock absorbers keep your wheels on the road and can really affect the performance and safety of your vehicle. Tests show that at just 50kmh, one worn shock absorber on a vehicle can increase your stopping distance up to as much as 2 metres. They are an important, replaceable Auto Parts and ensuring they are in good working order on a regular basis is good advice!

You can easily learn to replace Shock Absorbers yourself to reduce the cost of a visit to the mechanic.  You can browse online in the comfort of your own home when the kids are in bed and in no time your car parts will arrive on your doorstop.

Here are some signs that your shock absorbers may need replacing:-

Trouble slowing or stopping: Any lack of performance when braking or slowing is a sign of either worn shocks, tyres or brakes these parts should be inspected as soon as possible.

Vibration on the steering wheel: If you notice a vibration from your steering wheel , common when braking , this is another sign your shocks, brakes or tyres may well need replacing. Something is out of align, so ensure you or your mechanic does a wheel alignment having replaced any of these parts.

Sloppy,Bumpy ride: If your usual comfortable ride is just not the same, your shocks may not be performing to their original ride qualities or even worse, have lost their damping force. Worn Shock Absorbers cause excessive sway around corners making the car a lot less stable.

Tyres: Check your tyres.  If the tyres are wearing unevenly it could be a sign that your shock absorbers are ready to be replaced along with other suspension related parts and bushes.

Buy your Shock Absorbers Online and save yourself hundreds of dollars buy learning how to replace them yourself.  In no time your car will be the comfortable, stable, safe ride that you and your family deserve.

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