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Signs to Replace Brake Pads

It is essential the brake system in your car is well maintained and serviced regularly. Brake pads need to be replaced more often than the disc rotors. It is important to know the signs and check your brake pads and replace them when needed to maintain a safe brake operation.

Brake pads will give signs that they need to be checked and replace.

Brake Noises

When braking if you hear a loud metallic screeching or grinding noise you need to inspect your brake pads immediately.
Upon inspection the brake pads will either be worn and need to be replaced or the noise could be due to contamination.


Contamination can be caused by dust, rock, metal pieces etc between the brake pads and disc rotors. Upon inspection, this contamination can be removed and the brake pads examined for nicks and gouges to see if they have been damaged.

Wear Sensors

Some brake pads have wear indicators on the inside of the pads. When the brake pads have worn to their recommended minimum thickness the wear indicators will come into contact with the disc rotors and make a noise when braking to alert the driver.

Electric Sensors

Some newer car have electric sensor that will alert the driver by a light on the dashboard to replace the brake pads.

It is recommended to inspect your brake system every 15,000kms. If any of these signs occur, visit your local mechanic to check over your braking system and keep you safe.

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