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The Purpose of Coil Springs and Why Replace Them

Coil springs are a spiral thick metal wire that is made of steel. Used in a car’s suspension system to hold the weight, keep the ride height and control the ride of the vehicle.

Why replace coil springs?
There are many factors as to why coil springs are replaced. Some are by choice and other because they need replacing. Below are some of the reasons coil springs are replaced.

Coil springs support a car’s body; over time coil springs will weaken and sag causing the ride height to lower. As the coil springs sag, on side of the car may be lower than the other and case the car to tilt.

Tyre wear
While stabilising the car’s body, coil springs and shocks keep a car’s tyres firmly on the ground, keeping the axles at the correct angles. Warn coil springs and shocks can misalign tyres and/or track abnormally, causing early tyre wear.

When a car is driven over large bumps, pot holes and/or around tight corners if a noise occurs, this often is a sign of worn coil springs and/or shock absorbers.

When driving if you car is bouncing or feels like you’re in a boat, you need to replace your coil springs and/or shock absorbers.

Coil springs and shocks work together to keep a car centered and stabilized while going around tight corner. Worn coil springs and shock absorbers loose their stabilising capabilities and cause a car to sway excessively.

By replacing the coil springs you can choose the ride height. There is typically three options for most cars these being:
*             Standard height
Restore the car to its formal ride height

*             Lowered height
here are options of 20mm to 60mm lower than original height. When lowering a car remembers the car will be closer to the road, tyres and suspension bump stops. Depending on how lowered you choose, you may also need to replace your shock absorbers.

*             Raised height
Options are 20mm to 50mm raised above original height of the car. Why raise the ride height?
For many reasons for example towing, LPG tank, 4WDing, load carrying and for increased ground clearance.

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