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When your Car Makes a Noise it is a Sign. Get It Checked!

We all know that every now and then we have to fix up our car. All parts need replacing eventually. Those new sounds your car makes and you ignore and or turn up the music. Well its time you know that noises mean your car is giving you a warning sign. And if you don’t do something about it you will put your life at risk and others around you.

A click click click noise is usually a cv shaft especially when turning. Well here’s a little truth for you!

My wonderful long time friend has left the click click click noise go on for months most likely 6-9 months. Last week she’s driving on the highway at 100kms to go to her appointment and the steering wheel started vibrating and fiercely ripping to the left and pulling her off the road and the noise was bomp bomp bomp now and non stop,  her words ‘it was like the car was saying, nope you’re going to hit this tree, nope this one’ and then finally loud screeching which was time to stop now and get it fixed.

When my mechanic did the job for her I asked to show me and her the cv shaft so she understands how much she put her life in danger and delaying spending a couple of hundred dollars to fix it.

Here is the cv shaft in two pieces, this is your steering gone and nearly your life. Isn’t your life worth more than a couple of hundred dollars?

cv shaft brokenThis is what her new cv shaft looks like

CV Drive Shafts

So people a new noise that your car makes, just humour me and get it checked.

Oh and why you’re at it check all your light globes are working. There is nothing worse than no brake lights on a car and running up the back of them. Blinkers and brake light globes are cheap, check and replace now so you don’t have an accident and cause a shakeup in your life.

So if you have that clicking noise go get it checked out and check out our webstore for an extensive range of cv drive shafts. If you need help contact us email, enquiry form or over the phone.

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