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The Significance of Bleeding Brakes

Whenever you drive a vehicle, you rely upon your vehicles brakes.Whenever you drive a vehicle, you rely upon your vehicles brakes. Whenever brakes fail, you will be in jeopardy while driving. When you feel that, brakes have become spongy, this does not indicate that you need expensive brake work. It may be simply in need of bleeding.

Here is a quick outline for bleeding brakes on most cars:

  1. Before you begin, you must fill the master cylinder with brake fluid. Lift the car in such a way that the two rear wheels are lifted about six inches. A bleed valve is a hollow bolt; hence if it is loosened, a bleed valve allows a brake fluid to flow out.

    you must fill the master cylinder with brake fluid

  2. Ensure that a rubber hose is fitted properly at the end of the bleeding valve. So that it can easily form a tight seal. Also make sure that, the free end is below the level of fresh and clean brake fluid. Once the fluid has been pushed out of the system, there will a bubble coming out from the end of under fluid.
  3. Have someone to help you and follow instructions; you can ask them to pump the brakes for a while. Then you can open the bleeder valve and press the brake pedal down towards the floor; hold the valve till you get an indication. Close the bleeder valve and ask your helper to release the brake pedal.
  4. You can repeat this task until you get to see a small bubble coming out of the tubing. Once you are done with this wheel, you can move it to the other rear wheel. Before you start next wheel brake, the master cylinder reservoir should be refilled.
  5. Start from the longest brakes to the shortest brakes; bleed the wheels in this order. Before beginning with new wheel, refill the master cylinder reservoir. Lower the car and raise the front up once the rear brakes are finished. Make sure that brakes operate well, take a test drive.

Always check owner’s manual or workshop book for instructions before bleeding the brakes.always check your owner’s manual or workshop book for your make and model for instructions before bleeding the brakes. For any brake rotors and brake disc pad replacements you may need, please visit our store or email us at

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