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Very Important Tips for Winter Driving

Come June and it’s winter time in Australia and probably this is the right time to go through some vital tips that would help you to drive safely during the winter. AutoPartsDirect2U brings to you important tips to keep you safe on the road during the winter.

While Driving – Remain Fully in Control and Focused

When the road conditions are slippery, it is extremely tough to keep the vehicle in total control. In order to retain vehicle control, you need to keep steering, braking and throttle inputs as smooth as you can and avoid any sudden or jerky movements. You need to carefully observe as to what the chassis (the skeleton of the car) is doing and if it feels uncomfortable, you need to make regular modifications to keep your vehicle free from any kind of hassles.

Furthermore, vehicles operate like a pendulum, flooring the gas elevates the front end while pushing down the rear. Whereas stomping the brakes has the contradictory outcome and moves the weight towards the front axle. You need to refrain from making sudden changes in speed and quickness.

Drive Slowly and Maintain Vehicle Balance

The fascia of any 4WD (four wheel drive) is compiled of pricey spare parts that are fashioned to shield its valuable engine, transmission as well as the front suspension. It is common sense to slow down when the road conditions become unpredictable, but very few consider the tip.

As numerous winter accidents are associated to the fascia (front portion) of the vehicle, the easiest money saving thing to do is to match the speed to the prevailing road conditions, which will certainly help to avoid an expensive visit to the body workshop.

Just Concentrate on the Drive by Avoiding All Disturbances

While driving, you need to remain erect, prepared and always ready to handle any situation that might pop up unexpectedly. That means you should refrain from talking, texting or answering a hand phone while driving your vehicle. Keep all distractions away while driving and look at the approaching road to see what’s going on and get prepared to avoid an impact at the very first clue of the approaching danger. As a golden rule, remember one thing – “Wherever your eyes are directed is exactly where your vehicle would be heading towards, so simply fix them firmly on the road.”

The bottom line is – “Be watchful all the time by refraining from all distractions and drive safely to your home.”

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