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Top Automobile Industry Trends for 2014

As per the market record of new vehicle registration in the previous year, there was a growth of about 7.2% than the earlier statistics. For the current year, here are some of the most important automobile industry trends that are and will be affecting 2014′s record.

Hybrid and the electric vehicles trend to be the top choice

With more than 15.2 million vehicles being registered in 2013, it has been evidently clear that the electric vehicles and the hybrids are hot favorite for the customers. As per the registration records of 2013, Ford C-Max, Toyota Prius, Lexus CT200h or Fusion hybrid saw a rise in registration with as high as 19%. The cars like Toyota Rav4EV, Ford Ford C-Max, Fiat 500e, Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf saw the registration getting doubled than in 2013.

The combined vehicle registration for EVs and Hybrids has been up to 3.6% in 2013. The conventional gasoline and diesel engine has also held a considerable figure in the sales number. However, the one-engine platforms, flex fuel vehicles, literally lost the ground in 2013 although they are found in almost one out of every five cars on the road.

Lease vs. ownership

Top Automobile Industry Trends for 2014

A favorite trend is being seen for the leasing vehicles rather than the ownership cars. Although the rise in the vehicle registration was up by 7% in 2013, the customers put in 25% rise in the lease cars that that of the previous year. This also affected the business vehicle registration which also outran the total registration record. Buying car parts online is a trend now and you can find auto parts online easily.

Light vehicles, light truck sales increasing

To combat the situation with the fuel price going high every quarter, the light trucks gained importance. The SUVs registration went almost doubled contributing almost 7% in the overall growth rate. The recreational vehicles saw a rise of 30% from that of the previous year. The market share dropped for the Sedans in 2013 than what was in 2012.the registrations for the V8 engine enabled vehicles went up to 10% over that of the last year. Many people are focusing on buying auto spare parts.

Compact CUVs

The sales figure went up for the cars with smaller engines with four cylinders. The registration grew to 12% in 2013 than that of the earlier records. However, the 6 cylinder engines including V6 and inline 6 recorded lesser registration in 2013.

Which is your favorite?

Audi,Cadillac, BMW, Dodge and Ram (both makes combined), Buick, Ford,Nissan, Lexus,  and Subaru created a considerable impact on the market and it went up to as high as 150,000 annual units. Mazda and Chevrolet also made better results in 2013 than the earlier years adding 7% to the overall growth rate.  The Volkswagen, Mini, Kia, Volvo and Dodge cars, however, did not see major impact in the vehicle registration in 2013.

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