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Alko Shock Absorbers

Alko Shock Absorbers
Alko Shock Absorbers

Alko a pioneer in the manufacture of shock absorbers in Spain, offer a wide range of shock absorbers backed by its engineering versatility which provides innovative and customised technical solutions to meet the needs of it cusotmers.

Alko uses the same manufacturing processes, standards and rules as in the original equipment.

The materials and components used in the manufacture of the Alko shock absorbers have been designed, engineered and subjected to stringent durability tests. In terms of construction and characteristics, the following can be highlighted:

  • Very sturdy and competitive construction shock absorbers
  • Special sealing system which ensures the sealing of the oil, extending the service life of the shock absorber
  • Alko produces its own in-house valve designs, being ver effective in achieving the elimination of noises caused by the internal passage of the oil

Alko Shock Absorbers come with a 3yrs/100,000kms limited part warranty