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Bosch Glow Plugs

Bosch Glow Plugs
Bosch Glow Plugs

Get the right glow plug for every diesel-powered vehicle from Bosch.

Enclosed element glow plugs guarantee for an easy starting, low emissions and steady cold-running features. With the passage of time, it will wear out, so its functional performance ought to be regularly checked by an expert auto mechanic. If the enclosed element glow plug requires to be replaced, Bosch provides the perfect solution for every vehicle model that is made from ceramic or metal along with the suitable heating element diameter.

Bosch enclosed element glow plugs score high with its finest property profile that rightly blends an operating voltage, highest preheating temperature, heating time, and afterglow period to meet the needs of every vehicle model. Furthermore, it has high potential to withstand chemical, mechanical and thermal loads and a long service life.

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Bosch Glow Plugs - 12months or 20,000kms limited part warranty.